We are big fans of Luca Bar’s imagination and what comes from the stylus of Luca Bar Designs, and this just reinforces that point further. Drafting a Moto Guzzi sportbike concept, Luca has created a stunning design that takes the longitudinal v-twin motor and places it into a modern sportbike chassis.

With the frame design and tail section borrowed from the Aprilia RSV4, the front-end incorporates a Hossack suspension system, instead of the customary fork tubes. The single-sided swingarm is a nice touch, and of course everyone loves carbon fiber bodywork.

The question about such a design though of course comes down to whether Piaggio needs another sport bike in its arsenal, and whether the Moto Guzzi brand is the right fit for such a model. There has been tremendous discussion, both inside and outside of the Piaggio Group, about the direction of Moto Guzzi. Is it vintage line of motorcycles? Should it have sportbikes as well? Off-road? Adventure? Cruisers? Touring?

With Aprilia becoming more and more the sportier side of the Piaggio coin, it’snot sure this role is the right fit for Moto Guzzi but who cares. Dreams are free.