Vespa announces their ultra-stylish handmade 946 scooter will finally come to Dubai.

Inspired by the WWII-era MP6 prototype, the Vespa 946  is the scooter at its most pure and refined with the typical quality of made in Italy products. Introducing an outstanding design, the vehicle is truly top of scooters universe.


The 946 is powered by an ultra-modern single cylinder, 125cc, four-stroke engine that offers fuel consumption of over 55 km per liter — that’s nearly 130 mpg — and 30 percent fewer emissions. Other features include a lightweight, high-quality build that incorporates plenty of aluminium, full LED lights and full digital dashboard,and a sleek design that’s perfect for the urban commute.  With some changes in the traditional design, the 946’s shape copies the first Vespa model in a modern and futuristic way, which is a new starting point of a winning brand, that has made the history of mobility.The Vespa 946 will surely maintain it’s high value in time and while pricey the 946 is already being snapped up in pre orders by collectors around the world.

The new Vespa can be pre-ordered at Until December of this year the scooters will come in a special 2013 edition, which might be of interest to collectors: An online configurator allows you to personalise certain details of the Vespa such as seat colour, handles, etc. A personal engraving might turn the purchase into an eternal bond. While 2013 limits your choice to the colours black and white there will be other colours available in 2014. As colours won’t repeat, in the future the paint will tell you, when a 946 was built.