I’ve had these little beauties sitting on my mac for the last 12 years and decided it’s time to share. The year is 2000 and I had the opportunity to attend the Goodwood Revival meeting as official press. Don’t ask me how I managed to do that, let’s just say I have to thank New Classic Car magazine for helping left my status to that of journalist.

I feel utterly privileged to have been a part of  one of the last times we were to have seen the great Barry Sheene either standing or in action. One of the great renegades of racing. I think everyone new it too.

I arrived in parc ferme for the start of the Lennox Cup (now the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy) with almost no knowledge of what it was. Looking down I struggled to find some names I would know. Finally… Barry Sheene …Number 12, it said. I looked at my feet to find the number 12, only to look up again to see Barry shuffling his bike into position not more than 4 feet from me. For a moment it was just me and Barry. What to do. Fumbling around for my poxy little fuji finepix I blurted out “Hi Barry..photo?” I managed a few before being descended on by a tribe of real media paparazzi and swallowed whole by the mass.

The race was epic and Barry and Wayne took first and second place…just one last opportunity to go track side for shot of an elated Sheene. In the victory lap there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Everyone knew the score. They knew what they were witnessing…the passing of a legend.